You are LOVED. by Wild Tea Kombucha.

When we first met with Ryan Massel (aka: Mr. Fab) in February about the potential to collaborate on a special collection, we were SO.EXCITED. and couldn’t wait to get started on this incredible project. Ryan’s vision was a big one but knowing Mr. Fab, we knew he’d pull off his vision in an incredibly fab way.

The collection was inspired by events during a pride celebration in Nashville in 2018 where a group of protesters had crashed an incredible celebration with messages of hate and non-acceptance. One lone person stood quietly in front of the crowd with a message of their own: “You are valid and loved”. Ryan was deeply moved by the simple, yet incredibly brave gesture and was inspired to spread this message: You are LOVED.

The name of our product in the LOVED. collection is Ruby Slipper. The name has a special significance dating back to after WWII when being gay was against the law. If you wanted to know if another man was gay it was common to ask, “Are you a friend of Dorothy?”. This was the coded language used at the time to identify safe space. WTK stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ community and honors this history. The flavour is a blend of ruby red grapefruit, pink peppercorn and the sparkle of edible glitter.

It’s also important to note that the flavour profile for Ruby Slipper was 100% Ryan’s creation! Ryan, maybe there is a future in kombucha brewing for you! Ryan played a special role in the development of all the products in the collection! Make sure to check out the full collection featuring Rocky Mountain Soap Co., Local Laundry, The Lonely Avocado,, Eau Claire Distillery, Fiasco Gelato, and Milk Jar Candle Co.

100% of the profits from the online collection are gifted to LGBTQ artists and selected community organizations who spread love and support 365 days a year.

Bottles of Ruby Slipper are exclusively available for purchase at the pop-up store located inside Espy Experience in Inglewood until September 3, 2019.

Ruby Slipper on tap is also available for a limited time only at the following retail locations in Calgary:

❤️ Blushlane Marda Loop
🧡 Blushlane Bridgeland
💛 Branch Market and Studio (Black Diamond)
💚 Two House Brewery
💙 Euphoria Cafe

Wild Tea is teaming up with Skipping Stone Foundation donating a portion of the profits from each keg sold, as well as $1 from each unit sold during Pride in the Park on Sunday, September 1st from 11-6 at Prince’s Island Park. We’ll be keeping it wild inside the wellness oasis which is nearest Eau Claire in the park.

Skipping Stone Foundation does important work in Calgary connecting trans and gender diverse youth, adults and families with comprehensive and low barrier access to the support they need and deserve including: community, mental health, medical services and educational opportunities.

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