The perfect guilt-free summer treat, bucha-POP's!

The May long weekend is FINALLY here which means only two things; it’s going to snow, and summer is on it’s way. Talk about opposites!

While we’re (impatiently) waiting for those hot summer days to arrive, why not whip up some of these tasty, guilt-free kombucha popsicles! We’ve used one of our feature on tap flavours, “Orange Creamsicle” for this treat. It’s a juicy blend of fresh 100% organic orange juice, creamy vanilla, and our raw kombucha. We couldn’t help ourselves, who doesn’t like a creamsicle!! We also included some orange segments for a little extra fruitiness. If you don’t have oranges, you could add any type of fruit you have on hand.

If the name of the game is TGIF, we highly suggest mixing kombucha and prosecco 50/50. Mmm Hmm, don’t mind if I do!

Guilt-free Orange Bucha-POP’s


  • 2 cups Orange Creamsicle Wild Tea Kombucha

    • OR, to make it boozy use 1 cup kombucha, 1 cup Prosecco

  • 1 fresh orange

Slice the orange in wheels and remove the peel. Cut the wheels into quarters and put a few pieces of orange into the bottom of each mold. Fill the molds with the liquid and refrigerate overnight or a minimum of 6 hours. Enjoy out of the freezer!

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